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A problem with many players,even pros is their weak foot is not as good as it should be. To be a balanced soccer player you need to be able to be able to shoot with both feet almost evenly. In this guide i will give you some tips on how to train your weak foot. It may be hard at first but once you master your weaker foot you will be able to score a lot more goals as you don't have to run around the ball anymore, you will be able to play on any side which gives you an advantage,and you can dribble with both feet which really comes in handy when your older and the defender tries to force you to use your weak foot.

At first, whenever you practice something practice it a little more with your weak foot. However,once you get them about even train both feet evenly.

Don't get frustrated. Everyone had to deal with their weak foot at some point. The ones who ignore using it will not only suffer in play, they will not really get somewhere if you take the easy way out and practice stuff that you are only good at. If you do this you will not improve very much and having that attitude you will never make high level soccer.

Don't just practice shooting. You also need to practice dribbling and everything else with your weak foot.

Most people's problem with the weaker foot is they don't strike it with the good technique they use with their strong foot. If you find this to be so then look at how you strike the ball with your strong foot and try to strike it with the other foot the same way. Make sure however, that you have proper technique with your shooting foot. If you need help with shooting then please visit the Shooting guide.

Well thats it for tips on using your weak foot the best advice i can really give you is keep practicing and never give up. Once you have mastered your weak foot use the same thinking for everything you need to work on in soccer. Also if you have a tip to add please comment or add it through the Using Your Weak Foot Soccerpedia page. Remember you need to have an account to do this.

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